Southside Theatre Guild
Celebrating Over 50 Years!
Celebrating Over 50 Years of Community Theatre
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The Diviners


STG is staffed completely by volunteers - people just like you, with a love for live theatre and the arts. If you have a skill or talent, then STG is looking for you. Ask any member and they'll tell you, for every one person you see on stage, there are three or four people behind the scenes, making it all happen. If you can act, draw, swing a hammer, use a paint brush, sweep, sew, play an instrument - anything at all --- you will fit in at STG.
Looking to learn a new skill? Every production at STG has need for technical workers: stage managers, sound technicians, light technicians, costumers, properties workers, and more. If you've never touched a stereo system, sound board, or light board, no problem. STG has friendly people who are able to teach you all the details. Soon you'll be a pro!

Ushers Needed

Interested in working as usher for one of our productions and see the show for free? We are always looking for help with patron seating and concessions sales.
Call 770.969.0956 770.969.0956 and let us know you'd like to help!

Monthly Business Meetings

STG holds its monthly business meetings typically on the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM. These meetings are open to the public and a great way to meet the Guild's membership and find out about the all the exciting things we have planned.
Check out our calendar.