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Celebrating Over 50 Years!
Celebrating Over 50 Years of Community Theatre
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Anyone at STG will tell you, we don't do what we do for awards. STG comprises a family that share a common love for the theatre and each other.
Having said that, we don't see anything wrong with celebrating accomplishments that have garnered some extra recognition among our community of peers!

Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards

The Metropolitan Atlanta Theater (MAT) Awards were founded in 1994 to recognize the hard-working actors, directors, designers, and theaters for their contributions to the performing arts in metro Atlanta.
Below is a partial list of awards and honors bestowed upon STG by the MAT community.
Set Design (Musical), 2019
Ian Campbell and Julie Campbell
Best Major Supporting Actress in a Musical, 2019
Jill Coleman as Miss Hannigan
Flowers for Algernon
Ambassador Award, 2019
Pierce Bender as Little Charlie
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Set Design (Musical), 2018
Janet Reed and Keith Williams
The Diviners
Youth Award (Play), 2018
Tyler McDonald as Buddy Layman
The Diviners
Major Supporting Role (Play), 2018
Dominick Crea as Basil Bennett
Lead Actor (Musical), 2016
Steven A. Taylor as Emcee
Lead Actor (Play), 2015
Willis Wright Jr. as Troy Maxson
Set Design (Play), 2015
Roger Johnson, Lance Smith, Shannon Timberlake & Shannon Becham
Sound Design (Play), 2015
Jared Wright, Logan Timberlake, Jim Poteete & Rob Timberlake
Best Ensemble (Play), 2015
The Fantasticks
Minor Supporting Actor (Musical), 2008
Keith Williams as Henry
Damn Yankees
Lead Actor (Musical), 2006
Tommy McDaniel as Applegate
Damn Yankees
Minor Supporting Actor (Musical), 2006
Nathan Phillips as Vernon
Damn Yankees
Minor Supporting Actress (Musical), 2006
Dina Schwam as Meg
Damn Yankees
Lighting Design (Musical) , 2006
Rick Lewis & Nancy Norris
All My Sons
Leading Actress, 2006
Janet Reed as Kate Keller
All My Sons
Lighting Design (Play), 2006
Rick Lewis & Nancy Norris
All My Sons
Sound Design (Play), 2006
Rick Lewis 
All My Sons
Set Design (Play), 2006
Roger Johnson
All My Sons
Director (Play), 2006
Marian Johnson
All My Sons
Overall Performance, 2006

The Roger and Marian Johnson President's Award

The honoree for the Roger and Marian Johnson President's Award is selected each season by the current president of the Guild in consideration for oustanding service to the Guild during that season.
Keith Williams

STG Golden Guilder Awards

STG Golden Guilder Awards are voted upon by Guild members by write-in vote. The award serves to recognize one or two members each year that the membership has observed going "above and beyond" in the service of the Guild through acts of service or donations of time or funds.
Chris Shellnutt