By Gayann Truelove

Oct 31, November 01,02,03
November 08,09,10
November 15,16,17

Pinocchio is a fresh and exciting retelling of the beloved tale of a puppet who longs to be a real boy. Full of high energy stage action, big laughs, colorful sets, vibrant costumes, whimsical dances and all the famous characters you love from the original story, plus a few new friends. Join Pinocchio, Jimmy Cricket and all the Puppets on a wild adventure to faraway places, dangerous lands and even under the sea! Fun for the entire family!

Seth Moan as Pinocchio
Simon Hukin as The Toymaker
Kelley Davenport as The Puppeteer
Jennifer Jamieson Doxey as The Blue Fairy
Hannah Davenport as Jenny, The Cast
Lydia Williams as Jimmy Cricket
Lauren Wilson as Slick
Joey Hukin as Sly
Lisa Marie Mosley as SeaDrick
Isabella Segala as Ballerina Doll
Destinee Muller as Indian Maiden Doll
Charlie Davenport as Toy Soldier Doll
Bailey Doxey as Cowgirl Doll
Claire Schoenfeld as Clown Doll
Laura Roberts as Gigi
Josie Mirr as Fifi
Jen Caputo as Louisa
Zoe Vaughan as Georgette
Caroline Hukin as Child 1/ Star Fish 1
Lilly Davenport as Child 2/ Star Fish 2
Matthew Hukin as Seller / Assistant Stage Manager
Sydney Hukin as Child 3 / Turtle 2
Sage Smith as Child 4 / Fish
Caleb Roberts as Child 5 / Crab 1
Ian Hopper as Child 6 / Turtle 1
Azjani Crane as Child 7 / Crab 2