Tom Sawyer's Treasure Hunt

Performance dates:

July 29, 30, 31,

Aug 5, 6, 7, 8(matinee)

Aug 12, 13, 14.

Performances begin at 8PM, except matinees which begin at 2:00 PM.

Cast List

Tom Sawyer

  Tom Sawyer is the irresistible story of a twelve-year-old boy growing up in the heartland of America. In the course of the story, Tom matches wits with his stern Aunt Polly, falls in love with the beautiful, feisty Becky Thatcher, and goes on the adventure of his life with Becky and that irresistible renegade, Huckleberry Finn. Along the way we meet a terrifying villain named Injun Joe, and all the other boys and girls in the village.


Directed by Samantha Cordio

Cast List

Lousia Grant/Mrs. Thatcher

Destiny Fulcher/Town Person

Courtney Redwine/Town Person:

Arianna Leonard/Giggle Girl:

Leon Mitchell/Town Person:

Susannah Neal/Town Person:

Jordan Leonard/Town Person:

Nathan Leonard/Town Person:

Cydney Reese/Town Person:

Kennedy Kemp/Town Person:

Stephanie Becham/Town Person:

Lily Smith/Town Person:

Justin Duhon/Town Person:

Michele Taylor/Giggle Girl:

Emilie Owen/Giggle Girl:

Dale Chapman/Sally:

Christie Lamb/Susie:

Kathryn Lewis/Susie:

Mary Katherine Culver/Amy:

Ensley Caldwell/Gracie:

Kelsey Shoemaker/Becky:

George Sifuentes/Injun Joe:

Malia Leonard/Widow:

Tony Lewis/Mr. Hooper:

Linda Cochran/Aunt Polly:

Trae Williams/Sheriff:

Matthew Neal/Judge Thatcher:

Bruce Patterson/Dr. Robinson:

Teri Taylor/Ms. Harper:

David Califf/Muff Potter:

Tanner Baker/Huck Finn:

Joseph Richards/Tom Sawyer:

Ginni Aulicky/Giggle Girl