Teachers: The Musical

by Robin Seidman and David Reeb

Suggested for more mature audiences because "What happens in the teachers lounge stays in the teacher's Lounge."

Performance dates:

Feb 18, 19, 20

Feb 25, 26, 27, 28(matinee)

March 4, 5, 6.

Performances begin at 8PM

[Sunday matinee at 2PM]

Cast List

Teachers: The Musical

A retiree wannabe discovers her new teaching partner has only taught cats and her new student, Sammy, (aka Satan Spawn) has her own ideas about education. This musical comedy is about "tested" teachers who discover what they have might not be what they want. These tales from the teachers lounge are for everyone who has ever had the "Monday Morning Blues" and for all teachers desperate to set the world on fire... before their students do it for them.

Directed by Debbie Lewis
Music Direction by Jerry Mathis
Choreography by Monique Hache-Barrett

Cast List

Belle Tobbins – Marti Catrett

Chrissy Collins – Maureen McDaniel

Doris Gross – Lauran Wilkerson

Principal Larry Sludge – Tommy McDaniel

Steven Higgs – Truman Griffin

Sammy – Alexia Barrett

Janitor – Jim Abert

Other Cast Members
Nick Anderson
Scott Brook
Linda Cochran
Mary Katherine Culver
Amanda Faillo
Allison Kuras
Alexis Wharton

YouTube Videos from the Play

Sponge Box Square Pants Dance